Structural metal is the building block of modern civilisation

Since the beginning of time, when humans and animals lived under the same open sky, habitat less, exposed to all the adverse effects that nature had on them, a long time has elapsed. Man is no longer a subject to some of the natural forces. He is not exposed to rain, he can now control the direction of river and all these have been possible due to the discovery of iron and the gradual discovery of other metals, that have made possible to construct such gigantic structures and building constructions that empowers mankind. These metals that help in construction works, are generally called structural metal. These metals include mainly hard materials or metals like iron and its alloys, aluminium, zinc, tin, copper and its alloys etc.

Where is structural metal needed?

In today’s world, every field requires construction. Whether it is building an apartment that will provide space for people to live, or whether it is constructing a factory to establish machines that will help for manufacturing of various products without which our life would have been unthinkable. The most common usage of structural metal is the building of apartments or houses. Iron bars, QST bars, steel bars are the main building structure on which the concretes are built. Apart from residential building construction, the other most important field where structural metal is needed is the construction of industries. Heavy civil constructions like building of flyovers, river dams, bridges etc. are all possible only due to the structural metal.

What type of structural metal is needed for construction purposes?

For the various structural purposes such as building a residential apartment that can hold numerous families staying there together or a river dam that is capable of holding gallons of water or a bridge that fills the gap between two separated places, different types of structural metal elements are needed to serve the different purposes. No matter if you are a constructor or a fabricator or even an erector, Global Material Exchange offers a variety of products that will serve every purpose of yours. They have a huge list of this type of metal elements that includes:

  • Round bar
  • Square bar
  • Flat bar
  • Beams
  • Angles
  • Channels
  • Pipes
  • Plates
  • Tubes – both round and square
  • Strip
  • Sheet
  • Expanded metal
  • Speciality metals

Why choose Global Material Exchange?

Global Material Exchange offers the opportunity to select from the wide range of structural metal that are available at their website, in any shape and size as per the client’s requirement. What makes them unique is that unlike any other metal manufacturing companies in the market, GMEX offers a unique facility to all the members of GMEX family that is the clients of GMEX, a free consultancy for the sourcing of those products that are unavailable at GMEX for the time being. The exclusive and experienced expert support that the professionals of Global Material Exchange offers, provide the clients and customers with absolute customer satisfaction. Their assistance not only helps you to find the best product, but also saves your time and money.

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